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The Emergency Bolt Company

29 - Oct - 2014

Supplier of security fire & safety products.

Protective Covers

 Protective Covers & Steel Web Covers

Call Point Cover ST11Thermostat Cover STP2Steel Web Cover STW9

Protective Covers

We stock a comprehensive range of heavy duty covers to protect a variety of items in the workplace from malicious or accidental damage.

We have protective covers for thermostats, call points, key pads, CCTV, clocks, fire & smoke detectors, PIR detectors, emergency lighting and security lighting.

Our thermostat covers, keypad covers and call point covers are available with keylocks.

Call Point Covers

Do you experience abuse or accidental damage to your fire alarm call points?

Our heavy duty polycarbonate call point covers can help stop malicious or accidental false fire alarms. These unique protective covers protect call points without restricting legitimate operation. Ideal for hospitals, schools & colleges, nursing homes, public buildings and hotels.

How they work: they consist of a clear, tamper-proof, tough polycarbonate cover and frame that retrofits over the break glass call point. When lifted to gain access to the break glass, the optional battery powered alarm emits a piercing 95db.

  • Available for flush or surface mounting.
  • Alarm, lock or break seal options for added security.

Thermostat Covers & Keypad Covers

Thermostat Covers: these thermostat covers are designed to help stop vandalism, damage and tampering to thermostats, energy sensors and controllers. All units have a key lock to prevent unauthorised entry. Ideal for situations where thermostats are located in public areas.

  • Made from clear polycarbonate.
  • Available for flush or surface mounting.
  • Includes key lock.

Keypad Covers: our keypad covers help to extend the life and reliability of digital keypads, access controls and security panels by protecting them from accidental or intentional damage and tampering.

  • Made from clear polycarbonate.
  • Available with optional key lock.

Steel Web Covers

These steel web covers are made from 9 gauge galvanised steel rod and plastic coated for durability.

Designed to protect smoke detectors, fire detectors, emergency lighting, PIR detectors, clocks, fire bells, external lighting.

  • Supplied with full fixing kit.
  • Cages do not interfere with the operation of the protected unit.
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